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Richmond Auto Clinic is now using the latest technology in Automatic Transmission Service:

Using a "T-TECH" Transmission fluid exchange system, we are able to totally replace all the fluid in the transmission and clean all particles and debris from the unit. This increases the life and drivability of all overdrive and lockup style transmissions.
T-TECH accumulates the flow of all the old ATF from the transmission, drawing it into the patented fluid exchange cylinder. With the vehicle idling, the old ATF, diverted to the T-TECH through the natural pressure of the transmission pump, causes an equal amount of new ATF to flow into the transmission.

Designed by mechanics for mechanics .

T-TECH is 100% proportional so there's no danger of over pressurization, cavitation or overfilling. And best of all - it's fully automatic. There are no valves or pumps to manually regulate. T-TECH does the job without continuous operator intervention and it does it fast. In fact, no other ATF machine is faster.
When the T-TECH service is complete, the transmission, torque converter, cooler and lines have been replenished with factory new ATF. Full viscosity is restored.

Independent Testing Confirms The Need For The T-TECH.

In independent laboratory testing conducted at a major university, samples of used transmission fluid were compared to new fluid. The used fluid came from vehicles under two years old to 10 years old, with as little as 29,600 miles to over 140,000 miles. The used samples showed a 46% average viscosity loss at internal operating temperatures.
No wonder that 87% of consumers noticed improvements in performance immediately after transmission service with the T-TECH. And since viscosity breakdown is the leading cause of transmission failure, the implication for lengthening transmission life is just as dramatic. And remember, the T-TECH method achieves virtually 100% ATF replacement.