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Richmond Auto Clinic utilizes the latest technology in diagnostic equipment:

Using a "BEAR 400" scope and OTC enhanced 4000 download software. We are able to view all of the onboard computer management control systems in operation.

With this technology, we are able to pinpoint problems with drivablity and fuel economy. Fuel and or electrical management problems quickly.

Richmond Auto Clinic uses only the best parts on the market for tune-ups:

  • NGK-Bosch-Delco Spark Plugs
  • NTN-Bosch-OEM 02 Sensors and Computer Controls
  • Fram- Air, Oil , Gas Filter & PCV Filter System
  • Echlin- Ignition System Components

Using the best quality parts ensures you, the customer, the best quality for your repair dollars.


Wheel Alignment:

Richmond Auto Clinic utilizes the latest technology:

Using the ' HUNTER 611" Wheel alignment system with a full database for Domestic- European - Japanese vehicles each vehicle is loaded with manufacturer specifications and set to those specifications with a +/- tolerance of 1/64 of an inch at 15 ft. With the "WINTOE " option, steering wheel centering is perfect. The "HUNTER 611"   incorporates a full virtual view< see figure> allowing a full 3D view of the vehicle showing a true view of all wheels in alignment to each other and to the vehicle chassis. The car is able to have a true straight line tracking measuring to .01 of a degree.

With the subframe front wheel drive vehicles this technology is a must.

FRONT WHEEL DRIVE CARS: The Hunter 611 has a unique system that allows the Technician to adjust the engine and suspension cradle which are critical in making sure that your vehicle has perfect true tracking, reducing tire wear and fuel economy and increasing drivablity.


Using the "AUH" precision bender we are able to custom fit exhaust pipes to your vehicle when required.

Using quality BOSAL - MARAMONT- WALKER exhaust components we are able to offer min 1 year and up to a lifetime warranty on mufflers.


The Ammco 4000 is the industry standard and is recommended by Mercedes and BMW.
This is a precision brake drum and rotor machine. Utilizing 2 speed technology and anti screw cutting. We are able to finish brake rotors and drums to micro shine finish.

Richmond Auto Clinic uses one of the best grade of premium brake components. This reduces brake squeaking and provides the longest brake service life.

We are able to machine brake components to the max. size if 14 inches to a min 6 inch.

The Brake Vac EBB 1000 electric powered pressure bleeder is the most efficient way to flush and bleed today's high tech brake systems.

Being electric powered it eliminates the hassles associated with both air pressure and vacuum style brake bleeding.

During the service the Brake Vac maintains constant pressure at all four wheels throughout the service.


Power Steering:

The Motor Vac Steer Clean 1000 is designed to exchange all of your vehicle's power steering fluid. This new turnkey service center has one-touch control and provides a highly effective service for all automotive vehicles.

Debris and contaminants in the power steering system can cause the valves and other components to stick, dry and worn out seals can lead to leaks, and foaming can lead to vibration in the system. Which eventually create difficult steering and problems in the system.

The Steer Clean flush process allows a complete and efficient approach to conducting a through exchange and conditioning service which will improve the operation of the steering system and extend its life.